Which Post Offices Renew SASSA Cards?

SASSA Gold cards are one of the most important things for any SASSA applicant to withdraw their grant amount.

But what if your SASSA card is going to expire? Well, it is possible to renew your old SASSA cards at the authorized Post Offices in South Africa.

Indeed, the South African Post Office Bank is the only authorized center to renew the expired SASSA gold cards.

However, most SASSA applicants wonder about the post offices and their exact locations near them.

Concerning that, this article will provide you with information on which post offices renew your SASSA cards.

List of Post Offices That Renew SASSA Cards

Here is the list of post offices in South Africa that renew your SASSA Gold Cards.

  • Durban: Mobeni Post Office
  • Cape Town: Bellville Post Office, Cape Town Central Post Office, Mitchell’s Plain Post Office
  • Pretoria: Pretoria Central Post Office, Pretoria North Post Office, and Pretoria West Post Office

Moreover, you can check this link for the complete list of post offices in South Africa. Further, check this article for a step-by-step guide to renewing your SASSA cards at the post office.

Documents Required for SASSA Card Renewal

Here is the list of documents that you will need to renew your SASSA Gold Card at the Post office branch.

  • South African ID
  • Address proof
  • Utility Bill

Make sure to also carry your expired SASSA card with you. It is advised to renew your SASSA card a month or a week before its actual expiry date.

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Eligibility to Renew SASSA Card

When it comes to the eligibility for SASSA card renewal, it is essential to have your expired SASSA card.

Most importantly, your SASSA account should be active and you must be still eligible for the respective social grant. People who have this eligibility will follow a seamless renewal process.

Final Note

I hope the article above will be helpful in finding your nearest post office to renew your SASSA card.

Indeed, knowing the nearest SASSA post office and having the required documents in hand will help you to complete the desired process without any hassle.

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