SASSA Reapplication For SRD R350 Grant

SASSA Reapplication: SASSA grants have become essential financial support for the people in South Africa.

Indeed, anyone can apply for the grant if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, not every applicant gets approval for the grant.

Seemingly, hundreds of applicants are getting rejected due to potential issues with their applications.

What if there are no issues from your side? Well, SASSA provides a second option to reapply your SRD R350 application.

If that sounds interesting, do check the article below to find out how to reapply for the SASSA SRD R350 Grant.

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SASSA Reapplication – How To Reapply For SRD R350 Grant?

Initially, you should ensure that you have a valid reason for SASSA Reapplication. Seemingly, there are two different methods to apply for SASSA reapplication.

Indeed, one is online via the SASSA official website and the other is by filling out an application at the SASSA office.

However, applying online is the most convenient way as all you need is a smartphone or PC with a good internet connection. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before proceeding with the process.

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#1. SRD R350 Grant Reapplication Online via SASSA Website

It is convenient and effortless to reapply for the SRD R350 grant online via the SASSA website. Ensure that you have your South African ID number and proceed with the steps below.


Initially, you have to visit the official SASSA website on your smartphone or PC.


Now, find the “Update your grant application” option and click the “Click here to update your existing application” button.


You have to enter your South African ID number and mobile number in the respective boxes. If you are a refugee or an asylum seeker, then you have to provide your passport number.


Click the ‘Send SMS’ button and wait for an ‘OTP’ on your smartphone.


Enter the received OTP on the website and click the “Verify Pin” button.


At this point, you will be taken to your personal dashboard which contains your submitted documents. Indeed, you have to update your existing information to the documents submitted incorrectly. In addition, you will also need to submit the required documents to support the updated details.


Make sure that the documents you have updated are valid, accept the terms and conditions, and resubmit the application.


Now, you will receive a message saying “Your request for reapplication has been successfully received” and copy the ‘SASSA Reference Number’ attached to it.


Once you complete the resubmitting process, you have to check your SASSA application status regularly to find the progress of your application. The waiting period can be too long due to the overload of applications every month. So, be patient until you get an update from SASSA.

#2. SRD R350 Reapplication Through In-person Visit to SASSA Office

The second method to reapply your SASSA SRD R350 application is by visiting the SASSA office. If you find it challenging to update your SRD application online, then you can proceed with the steps below.


Firstly, you have to download the SASSA Reapplication Form, print it, and fill out your exact information. Make sure to carry the application form while visiting the SASSA office.


Secondly, gather all the mandatory documents like your ID card, residential proof, income proof, mobile phone, and bank details. Ensure that you have the original or certified copies of all the documents.


Following that, locate and visit your nearest SASSA office which will be open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Handover the application form and the essential documents to the SASSA official. In addition, you may need to attend an interview regarding the reapplication process and your eligibility to apply for this grant.


The SASSA official will give you a receipt as proof of application. Indeed, the receipt will include your Application number which is essential to check your application status online.


It is essential to check your application status regularly to find application progress. The SASSA verification process may take up to 90 days.

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Reasons to Apply for SASSA Reapplication

There are several reasons why you may need to proceed with the SRD R350 grant reapplication. Seemingly, they are;

  • Application rejection
  • Grant expiration
  • Change in circumstances
  • Eligibility verification
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Change in income
  • Age eligibility
  • Grant suspension or cancellation

Final Note

SASSA SRD grant is a mandatory financial support for many people in South Africa.

If you fall under any of the reasons mentioned above, then you can apply for SASSA reapplication to increase the possibility of getting your application approved.

In case your application is rejected multiple times, you have to appeal to the Department of Social Development.

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