Why is SASSA R350 Grant Approved But Not Paid?

SASSA R350 Grant Approved But Not Paid: SASSA is a popular NGO in South Africa providing financial assistance to deserving people.

Indeed, people who meet the required eligibility criteria shall apply for the SASSA R350 grant online. Seemingly, applicants who pass the means test will be approved for the grant.

However, the issue is that all the approved applicants are not getting paid as expected. This is more than a technical issue.

Continue reading to find out why is your SASSA R350 grant is approved but not paid.

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Why is My SASSA R350 Grant Approved But Not Paid?

The primary issue can be the mistakes in your banking details. First of all, you don’t need to panic that you are the only applicant facing this issue.

Seemingly, thousands of SASSA applicants face this issue due to potential reasons. However, you need to know the exact meaning of SASSA statuses on your dashboard before worrying about this issue.

If you can see the “Approved” status, then it means you are eligible for the grant and not the payment is released.

In case, your SASSA status shows the “Payment Pending” status, then you will receive the grant within a short while.

On the other hand, if are seeing the “Paid” status but you have not received the payment then it is the real issue to worry about.

However, you can wait for a few hours as the payment may be delayed due to server issues. If it more time, then you can report the issue to the SASSA USSD service.

Issues With Your Bank Account

As we have discussed above, an issue with your bank account will be the primary reason why you may not receive the SASSA grant.

There might be instances where there may be mistakes in the provided banking details. On the other hand, SASSA may be experiencing failed bank verification issues.

In such cases, you may need to update your banking details on SASSA. If there are no mistakes in the banking details, then it could be due to income thresholds.

According to the eligibility criteria of SASSA, an SRD applicant should not have any income source.

You may not be receiving the SASSA grant in case you have alternate income sources other than the grant.

So, ensure that you don’t have any income sources, and also make sure to provide error-free banking details.

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How do I Ensure the payment of my SASSA SRD Grant?

You can ensure your SASSA SRD payment by submitting mistake-free banking details and ID proof documents.

In addition, make sure you provide your bank account as SASSA won’t accept someone else’s bank account for verification.

Indeed, you have to select an exact payment method to receive the grant payment. Seemingly, there are two payment modes; direct bank deposit and Pay in Cash at Selected Retailers.

People who choose the bank deposit option will need to provide their complete banking details.

Final Note

I hope you have got clarity on why you have not received the SASSA payment even after the approval. Indeed, providing valid and error-free documents will ensure to get your SASSA grant without any issues.

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