How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits?

SASSA Funeral Benefits: SASSA is a popular Non-Governmental Organization providing various benefits to deserving individuals.

Seemingly, people who are suffering due to unemployment, poverty, disability, and health issues can apply for the SASSA social grant.

However, many applicants are wondering whether SASSA provides funeral benefits. Indeed, providing a funeral cover to a family that is struggling financially is a good measure.

Let’s find out how to claim the SASSA Funeral Benefits in the article below.

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How to Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits?

Unfortunately, SASSA does not provide a dedicated funeral cover to any of the citizens in South Africa.

Of course, there are various other agencies that offer funeral cover to families that have been insured in advance, but not SASSA.

In short, there is no way to claim SASSA funeral benefits as there is no such scheme. Moreover, the social grant of the deceased individual won’t be transferred to their relatives directly.

On the other hand, SASSA has a set of rules and eligibility criteria to get the respective grant amount.

The social grant amount for the respective month will be paid to the beneficiary account and it will remain until it is claimed by any of the family members.

In that way, family members who wish to collect the grant amount have to visit the SASSA office with the documents mentioned below to get the unclaimed benefits.

  • the death certificate and identity card of the SASSA member who has died
  • the identity card of the family member who is applying for the unclaimed benefit
  • receipt and the invoice for the cost of the funeral

SASSA will provide the unclaimed grant amount once after verifying all the submitted documents.

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Does SASSA have a death benefit?

No, SASSA doesn’t have a dedicated death benefit for its applicants. On the other hand, SASSA can provide the unclaimed grant of a particular month to their family members. However, it is essential to submit the death certificate, ID card, and invoice to claim the grant.

Final Note

I hope you have got an idea about the death benefit provided by SASSA. There is no such social grant in SASSA that offers death cover to its beneficiaries. People who wish to have a death cover can apply with some other agencies in South Africa.

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