What is The SASSA Child Support Grant & How to Apply For It?

SASSA Child Support Grant: The Government of South Africa and the SASSA agency together have been undertaking various measures to help people who strive to meet their basic needs. One of the measures that benefit children is the Child Support Grant (CSG).

Seemingly, the Child Support Grant is intended to help the child who is in the care of biological parents or a caregiver. If you are a caregiver older than 16 years and you have a child to take care of, the CSG is for you. Concerning that, this article gives you a detailed note about the Child Support Grant and the steps to apply for it.

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What is the SASSA Child Support Grant (CSG)?

The Child Support Grant or CSG is a scheme by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) to help children who strive to meet their daily needs.

Indeed, children who are in the care of biological parents or permanent caregivers can apply for this grant.

Eligibility to Apply for the Child Support Grant

The caregiver must be older than 16 years and the grant will be paid to them to ensure the daily needs of the child. However, there are various conditions and requirements to be met to apply for this grant. They are;

The Child must

  • be under the age of 18 years
  • not should be cared for in a state institution
  • be living with a primary caregiver who is not paid to take care of the child

The Caregiver must

  • be the child’s primary caregiver. If you are not a biological parent, then you should provide proof stating that you are the primary caregiver through a social worker’s report or an affidavit from a police official.
  • If you are single, then your income must be below R52 800 per year and if you are married the combined income should not be above R105 600 per year.
  • Most importantly you must be a permanent resident or a South African citizen.

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How much will you get for the Child Support Grant and How you will be paid?

You can get around R510/month per child. The respective money will be deposited in the caregiver’s bank account after verification.

Make sure to provide valid documents like your own banking details and phone number while applying for the grant.

Indeed, SASSA won’t offer payments to another person’s accounts. In addition, SASSA takes a long time to verify your documents and identity using the data collected from various departments.

In the respective duration, you can check your SASSA status and balance online using the SASSA website, WhatsApp, Moya app, and via Phone call. Instead, you can click the button below to check your SASSA Status online directly.

How to Apply for the SASSA Child Support Grant?

You cannot apply for the Child Support Grant online. Instead, you have to visit the nearest SASSA office and fill out the application in person. Here are the documents that you must have to fill out the application.

  • The child’s birth certificate and your 13 digit-bar-coded identity document (ID).
  • A sworn statement is provided by a reputable person like a social worker, counselor, or a traditional leader.
  • Income proof.
  • Maintenance proof of the child.
  • Marriage certificate if you are married.
  • Death certificate if the biological parents are dead.
  • Complete filling out the application form only in front of a SASA official.
  • Finally, you will be given a receipt as proof of application.

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What if your CSG application is not approved?

You will be notified about the SASSA application status via SMS. If your application is not approved, then it may be due to misinformation on your application.

In case you feel that your details are legit, then you can appeal to the Department of Social Development within 90 days of notification for reconsideration.

Final Note

I hope you have got a clear note on the SASSA Child Support Grant and the steps to apply for it. Make sure you have the valid and legitimate documents to pass the means test and get your SASSA application approved without any issues.

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