SASSA Card Declined and Not Working At ATM

SASSA Card Declined: It is common with most SASSA Gold Card users to face a card declined or card not working issue.

One of the primary reasons can be that you might have entered the wrong PIN multiple times. However, your card will be blocked by SASSA most times.

Seemingly, there could be various reasons behind blocking your card. Indeed, it can either be due to technical glitches or a mistake you committed unknowingly.

Whatever may be the reason, being not able to use the SASSA card is still an issue. So, continue reading below to find out how to resolve the SASSA Card declined issue.

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Reasons for SASSA Card Declined

Here are a few reasons that block or cause your SASSA Card declined issue. Read below to ensure that your SASSA card is not working due to one of these reasons.

#1. Entering your SASSA card PIN incorrectly too many times can restrict your card usage.

#2. Trying to exceed your withdrawal limit can also block your card. Seemingly, the general withdrawal limit for SASSA cards is between 1000 and 1800. Moreover, the limit can vary depending on your social grant.

#3. Not using your SASSA Card regularly can lead to the blockage of the card.

#4. You can experience the Card Declined issue if your SASSA account has insufficient funds.

#5. There are also chances for technical issues happening on the SASSA side.

#6. SASSA will block your card if it finds any fraudulent activities in your account.

#7. Your SASSA card will be blocked if you are not a Social Grant receiver anymore.

How to Resolve the SASSA Card Declined Issue?

Seemingly, as we have seen above, your SASSA card could have been blocked due to various reasons.

You can check this article to find out how to unblock your SASSA card. If you have forgotten your SASSA card PIN, then you can check this guide to change your SASSA card PIN with simple steps.

People who have non-resolvable issues with their SASSA card can consider applying for a New SASSA Card.

Final Note

I hope you have got better clarity on your SASSA Card Declined issue and the methods to resolve it. Don’t hesitate to visit the SASSA office or the South African Post Office bank to resolve your queries related to the SASSA Gold Card.

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