Why is My SASSA Application Still Pending?

SASSA Application Pending: The process of getting the Social Distress of the Relief Grant does not stop with just applying for it. Seemingly, it is essential to check your SASSA application status frequently as your application may show a pending status that needs immediate attention.

It is essential to find the reason behind the pending status and make your application active to receive grants regularly. Concerning that, this article discusses why your SASSA Application is still pending and the steps to resolve it.

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Why is My SASSA Application Still Pending?

The pending status of the SASSA application is one of the most common issues faced by the applicants. Indeed, SASSA makes it sure to provide the payments on time and as fast as possible. However, SASSA still shows pending status due to the unfinished verification process or the overload of applications.

Seemingly, when you apply for an SASSA Grant, your application enters an in-depth verification process. Yes, SASSA verifies your details and documents by collecting information from various departments. Apart from SASSA, there are many more departments involved that also check the ID, name, and contact details.

Further, your application will be subjected to double verification if it contains any misinformation. In that case, it automatically becomes a delay in validating your application and as a result, your application status will be pending.

In addition, your details are verified based on information collected from different departments like the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), South African Revenue Services (SARS), and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Moreover, you should not have any income sources and your bank statement must support it. The identification of funds transfers in your account might lead to the rejection of your application.

How to Fix the SASSA Status Pending?

Unfortunately, there are no solutions to fix the SASSA Status pending issue. Moreover, the pending status is only due to the time taken for the verification process. However, you can follow the key points mentioned below to avoid issues with your SASSA application.

  • Make sure to provide original documents and ID proofs with any spelling errors.
  • Your bank account and mobile number must be in your name and not others.
  • You should not have any other sources of income as SASSA will regularly monitor your bank account for fund transfers.

In case you have provided valid documents and are sure about it, you can lodge an appeal using the official SASSA website.

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How many days does SASSA Pending take?

There is no exact duration for the pending process. It may go on for hours, days, or even months depending on the legibility of your application. So, providing valid documents and information will make SASSA complete the verification process faster.

What does it mean if your application is pending?

If your SASSA status is pending, then it means that your application is still under the verification process. As a result, you have to wait until the process is completed and your application gets approved.

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Why is my SRD pending but no pay date?

This can happen when there are too many pending applications or something wrong with the verification process. As SASSA is very particular about the eligibility criteria, there is no fixed duration for the verification process. So, you have to be patient till SASSA updates the status.

Final Note

I hope you have got a clear note to your query on what to do if my SASSA status check is pending. Indeed, maintaining patience is the only option until SASSA completes the verification process. If something feels wrong, you can contact SASSA to get your queries answered.

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