What an Application Assessed SASSA Status Mean?

SASSA Application Assessed: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has been providing various financial reliefs to the people in South Africa. Indeed, people who don’t have any sources of income can get financial support in the form of grants.

Any person who is striving to fulfill their basic needs can apply for the SASSA Grant irrespective of their age and get monthly payments after verification.

You will get updated with the current status of your application via SMS or you can use the SASSA website to check it online. Concerning that, this article will discuss what the ‘Application Assessed’ status means and how to approach it.

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What an Application Assessed SASSA Status Mean?

When your SASSA Status shows Application Assessed, it means that your application was captured by SASSA and waiting for approval.

Seemingly, your application will processed and you can get the result in a few days. Moreover, the possible outcome of this status can be ‘Application captured – Waiting for Approval’.

Your application has been received by SASSA and they are in the process of validating your application using the documents collected from various departments. Furthermore, you have to keep on checking the SASSA status until you see the Approved status.

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What is next if your SASSA Grant is Approved?

If your SASSA Grant is Approved, then you will start receiving the payments from the next month. Indeed, you can receive the grant either on your bank account or at the specific pay points allotted by SASSA.

Moreover, SASSA follows no dates to process the grants. It can be disbursed on any date of a month to your account. So, you have to log in to your profile on the SASSA website and keep checking to find the SASSA account balance.

Ensure that you provide your active bank account to receive grants regularly without any issues.

When Are Sassa Grants Paid?

Indeed, SASSA grants are disbursed during the first week of every month. In particular, SASSA will start depositing the amount on the second day of each month.

However, this is not possible every month as SASSA grants are not paid on public holidays or weekends.

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Where Are Sassa Grants Paid?

The SASSA Grants are usually paid at the post office, mobile cash pay points, and participating retail outlets. However, the best option can be getting the grants directly in your bank account.

Seemingly, Checkers, Shoprite, Pick N Pay, and Boxer Stores are some of the retail outlets that support paying the SASSA grants.

On the other hand, providing your valid bank account while applying for an SASSA grant will let you get the grant amount directly into your bank account. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time from standing in long queues.

Final Note

I hope you have got a clear note on what does it mean by the ‘Application Assessed’ status on SASSA. You have to wait until SASSA provides the next update.

If your application is approved, you will start receiving the payments. In case, you can see the Application Rejected status, then you may need to go for appeal or reconsideration.

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