How to Replace Lost SASSA Card?

Replace Lost SASSA Card: The SASSA card will give you the convenience of withdrawing your grant amount at any time. What if your SASSA card is lost or stolen?

Well, it is one of the common issues that happens with most elders. In addition, a few people may damage their card as a result of using it aggressively.

Indeed, losing your SASSA card can be more stressful when it is your only source of income. However, SASSA provides an option to replace your lost SASSA card.

If you have lost your SASSA card, then continue reading to find out how to get a replacement for your SASSA card in the below article.

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What to do if you have lost your SASSA Card?

The first crucial thing you have to do is to report the issue to SASSA or the Post Office in person.

If visiting the post office is impossible, then make sure to send an email to [email protected].

Ensure that you mention your ID number, mobile number, and how you have lost the card in detail.

Indeed, reporting the query will enable the authorities to stop unwanted transactions on your card.

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How to Replace Lost SASSA Card?

Here are the steps to follow once after reporting the issue to the Post Office or the Police Station.

Seemingly, make sure to get the case number from the police station as you will need it while applying for a new SASSA card.

Instead, you can also have a Fraud Affidavit Form which can be obtained from a SASSA or Post Office.


Initially, you have to find and locate the nearest SASSA office. Indeed, you can find the nearest office on the SASSA website.


Make sure to carry the essential documents like;

  • Your ID document or passport
  • Proof of residence
  • A police report confirming that your SASSA card has been lost or an SASSA Fraud Affidavit Form
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your bank details


Get a SASSA Card Replacement application form in the SASSA office and fill it out with your accurate information.


Once you complete the filling process, submit the application form with your documents attached.


The SASSA officer will process your application and will arrange for a new SASSA card. You will get a notification if your new SASSA card is ready.


You can collect your New SASSA card at the SASSA office and make sure to keep it safe and damage free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace my SASSA card at post office?

Yes, you can replace your SASSA card at your nearest post office. However, you will need to submit the essential documents for verification and also need to fill out an application to get an SASSA card replacement.

Can I get a new SASSA card online?

Yes, you can get your new SASSA card online via the official SASSA website. Indeed, you will need the eligible documents to submit for verification.

How much is to replace a SASSA card?

Your first SASSA card replacement is completely free. However, if you are replacing your SASSA card for the second time, then you will need to pay R26.00.

Final Note

I hope you have got a clear guide on how to get a SASSA card replacement. Indeed, reporting to the authorities is a must once you lose your SASSA card. Ensure to keep your SASSA card safe once after getting a replacement.

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