How to Find SASSA Reference Number?

Find SASSA Reference Number: The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is providing a financial assistance program in South Africa.

Seemingly, it provides funds and benefits to people who struggle financially to fulfill their basic needs. Indeed, you have to qualify the eligibility criteria to apply for the grant.

Moreover, people who qualify for the grant will get a unique reference number which is essential to check your SASSA Status and much more.

Concerning that, the article below will provide all the information regarding the SASSA Reference Number.

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What is SASSA Reference Number?

You will get the SASSA reference number when you apply for the SASSA SRD grant via WhatsApp or the GovChat website.

Seemingly, the reference number is an alphanumeric code that allows you to check your current SASSA application status, account balance, and much more.

How to Get My SASSA Reference Number?

Indeed, you can get your SASSA reference number at the time of applying for the grant.

Make sure to note your unique reference number as it is essential to check your SASSA Status, grant balance, and appeal.

Ensure that you apply for the grant only through GovChat or WhatsApp to get the SASSA Reference number.

What to do If I Lost my SASSA Reference Number?

It is common for most people to lose their reference number due to various reasons. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds to find your lost SASSA reference number using your mobile. Read below to find a detailed guide.

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How to Find SASSA Reference Number?

Seemingly, you can find your SASSA Reference number using three simple methods. They are;

  • Using WhatsApp
  • Through the USSD helpline
  • A toll-free call to the SASSA representative

#1. Using WhatsApp to Find SASSA Reference Number

Follow the below guide to find your lost SASSA SRD R350 Reference number.


Initially, save this number 082 046 8553 to the contacts list on your smartphone.


Get the respective number on WhatsApp and start a New Chat.


Type SASSA and send it in the chat. You will receive an immediate response with a set of guides and instructions.


Reply to the prompt with the ‘Status’ text and a ‘Yes’ followed by that.


Further, the representative will help you with finding your reference number.

#2. Using the USSD Helpline to find the SASSA Reference Number

Here is a step-by-step guide to find your SASSA reference number using the USSD helpline.


Initially, you have to dial to this USSD helpline number 1203210# on your cell phone.


A customer support representative will guide you through a manual. Follow the manual and the instructions to get your SASSA Status and the reference number.

#3. How to Find SASSA Reference Number through Phone Call?

It is also possible to get your SASSA reference number via phone call.


Firstly, dial to this number 0800 601 001 on your mobile phone to connect with a SASSA customer support assistant.


Further, the representative will guide you through voice commands to find your reference number.

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Is the SASSA Reference Number the same as the SASSA Grant Number?

No, they are not the same. Indeed, the reference number is given when you are in the application process, whereas the grant number will be given once your application is approved and start getting grants.

How to Check My forgotten SASSA reference ID number?

You can check your SASSA reference number or application number on your SASSA dashboard. All you need to do is visit the SASSA login page and enter your South Africa ID number and Mobile number to log in and check the SASSA reference ID.

Final Note

That is all to say about the methods to find the SASSA reference number that you forgot. Seemingly, it is essential to safeguard the reference number as you will need it to check your application status.

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