How to Change SASSA Card PIN?

Change SASSA Card PIN: SASSA as a part of its grant providing process, also offers SASSA Cards to the beneficiaries.

Seemingly, the SASSA card enables the users to check their account balance, withdraw SASSA grants from ATMs, and much more.

As with any other ATM card, the SASSA card also has a unique PIN which is essential to access the card in ATMs.

What if you forgot your SASSA card PIN and you have got multiple incorrect attempts at the ATM?

In such cases, it is essential to reset or change your SASSA Card PIN to continue using your SASSA card. Read below to find out how to change SASSA Card PIN in detail.

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What is SASSA Card PIN?

Every SASSA Card user will have their unique 4-digit PIN which helps them to access their card in ATM and check their account balance.

The SASSA applicants can use their card at any ATM or pay point in the country. Indeed, entering the correct PIN number is essential to manage your account or withdraw funds.

The SASSA Card PIN is unique and confidential to every user. It is required to enter your PIN every time when you make a transaction or access your account for managing purpose.

Moreover, it is also essential to keep your SASSA Card PIN confidential and away from prying eyes.

How to Change SASSA Card PIN?

When you feel that your SASSA Card is misused by someone else, it is the right time to change your SASSA Card PIN.

In case, you have lost your SASSA Card itself, then you have to register a police complaint to block it immediately.

However, changing or resetting your SASSA Card PIN is effortless by using two methods. They are;

  • Through ATM
  • Through SASSA Office

Here is the step-by-step guide to both methods.

#1. Changing Your SASSA Payment Card Through ATM

You can use any ATM in South Africa to reset your SASSA Card PIN. But this method is possible only if you remember your old PIN.

If you have forgotten your SASSA PIN, then you can proceed with the second method below. However, here are the steps to reset SASSA Card PIN through ATM.


Firstly, you have to visit your nearest SASSA ATM.


Secondly, Insert your SASSA Card in the ATM card reader and wait until the machine reads your card information.


Now, enter your existing PIN number and choose the PIN change option on the screen.


Enter your 4-digit unique PIN and click the OK button.


You need to enter your PIN again to confirm it.


Finally, click the Confirm button to set your new SASSA Card PIN.

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#2. Changing Your SASSA Payment Card PIN Through SASSA Offices

Below are the steps to change your SASSA Card PIN by visiting the SASSA office in person.


Initially, you have to visit your nearest SASSA office in person.


Make sure to carry your SASSA Card and any ID proof.


Inform your complaint to an SASSA officer regarding changing your Card PIN. Indeed, you will be given a form to fill out.


Fill out the application form with your personal details and make sure to attach your SASSA Card and ID proof.


You will be asked to enter your new SASSA Card PIN which will be used to access your SASSA card in the future.

What is the expiry date for Old SASSA Cards?

The expiry date for SASSA gold cards was set till December 2023. However, SASSA announced that the applicants can continue using their existing SASSA cards in 2024.

If you have any queries regarding your SASSA card validity, visit the Post office bank to get your queries resolved.

Final Note

That is all to say about the simple methods to change SASSA Card PIN. In addition to the SASSA Office, you can also reset your SASSA Card PIN at the Post Office near you.

Moreover, don’t forget to report to the police in case you lose your SASSA Card due to theft or any other reason.

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