How To Cancel SASSA R350 Grant Application?

Cancel SASSA R350 Grant Application: SASSA is a popular NGO in South Africa that provides various financial support to the people. Seemingly, it has introduced multiple grants to help financially disabled South African people.

Indeed, millions of children, unemployed individuals, and disabled elders benefit from the SASSA grants every month. However, ineligible people also apply for the grant to give it a try.

As applying for the grant without proper eligibility is considered a crime, many applicants are wondering about the methods to cancel their application.

Concerning that, here we provide you with a complete guide to canceling your SASSA R350 grant application online.

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Is it possible to cancel my SASSA SRD R350 application?

Yes, you can cancel your SASSA SRD R350 application online using the official SASSA website.

Indeed, the cancelation of ineligible applications will enable SASSA to process eligible applications faster and provide grants to needy people.

How to Cancel SASSA R350 Grant Application?

Seemingly, you can cancel your SRD R350 application through various methods. The below article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to every method and help you cancel your SASSA application.

  • Cancellation Through the SASSA Website
  • Canceling Through WhatsApp
  • Cancellation Through Helpline
  • Canceling Through Email

#1. Cancellation of SRD R350 Application Through the SASSA Website

Follow the steps below to cancel the SASSA R350 grant application using the official SASSA website.


Initially, navigate to the official SASSA website via a browser on your laptop or smartphone.


Following that, scroll down on the page and find the “Click here to cancel online” option.


Now, you have to enter your South African ID number and mobile number in the respective boxes and click the “Send Pin” button.


An OTP will be sent to the respective mobile number.


Enter the received OTP on the website and click the Verify button.


Indeed, details of your current grant will be displayed on the screen.


Verify them and click the “Cancel My Grant” button to cancel your R350 grant online.

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#2. Cancellation of R350 Grant Through WhatsApp

Here are the simple steps to cancel your R350 Grant through WhatsApp.


Firstly, you have to save this SASSA WhatsApp number “082 046 8553” on your smartphone.


Secondly, start a new chat with the respective number on WhatsApp and send a “Cancel SASSA R350 Grant” message in the chat.


Then, choose the ‘Cancel My Application‘ from the provided options.


Following that, provide your ID number and mobile number to confirm your identity.


Further, choose the ‘Confirm’ option or Send a ‘Confirm Cancellation’ message to cancel your application successfully.

#3. Cancellation of SRD R350 Application Through SASSA Helpline

The next method is that you can contact the SASSA helpline and ask them to cancel your R350 application.

  • All you need to do is contact this SASSA helpline number “0800 601 011” from your registered mobile number.
  • Following that, inform the SASSA representatives that you want to cancel your R350 application.
  • Then, provide your Application ID, South African ID number, and Mobile number registered to your application.
  • The SASSA officials will review your query and cancel your application if your reason for cancellation is valid.

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#4. Canceling SRD R350 application Through SASSA Email ID

You can also cancel your SRD R350 grant by sending an Email to SASSA. Here is how to do it;


Initially, you have to draft an email to [email protected]mentioning your cancellation of the SRD application.


Ensure that you clearly state the query and the exact reason for your cancellation in the email.


Send the email and wait until SASSA verifies your mail and gets back to you with a reply.

How to Reapply for the SASSA SRD R350 Grant After Canceling?

It is still possible to reapply for the SASSA SRD R350 grant through the official SASSA website. Proceed with the below step-by-step guide to reinstate your SRD application.


Firstly, navigate to the official SASSA website on your smartphone or laptop.


Scroll down to the last and find the ‘Reinstate my canceled application’ option.


Click the Click here to Reinstate Online button.


Now, enter your ID number and mobile number in the specified boxes and click the Send PIN button.


Check your smartphone for OTP, enter the respective OTP in the respective box, and click the Verify button.


The SASSA officials will verify your application and approve it in a few days. Once your application gets approved, you will start receiving the grant amount.

How to Cancel Your SASSA Grant Relief?

It is possible to cancel your SASSA grant relief using the same methods mentioned above.

Seemingly, you can either use online services like WhatsApp, the SASSA portal, or Email to cancel your SASSA grant.

On the other hand, people who don’t have access to smart devices or the internet can visit the SASSA office directly to get their services done without any hassle.

Final Note

That is how you can cancel your SRD R350 application and reinstate your application if you have canceled it accidentally.

It is better to cancel the grant by ourselves if our eligibility expires. If you find it challenging to carry out the process online, then you can get the help of officials at the SASSA office.

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