Can You Get A Sassa Grant If You Have A Job?

SASSA Grants have become an undeniable income source for many unemployed individuals in South Africa.

Seemingly, the SASSA Social Grants improve the living standards and help people take care of their basic needs.

Indeed, social grants are provided for old persons, unemployed individuals, war veterans, children, and foster parents.

However, every applicant must pass the SASSA means test to qualify for the SASSA financial assistance.

The SASSA Means test evaluates the applicant’s income and asset value to ensure that they are below the required level.

In such cases, is it possible to apply for a SASSA grant if you have a job? Let’s find it in the article below.

Can You Get A Sassa Grant If You Have A Job?

Yes, you can get a SASSA grant even if you have a job. Indeed, having a job does not prevent someone from getting a SASSA grant.

Of course, the SASSA grants are provided for financially suffering people. However, the eligibility and the SASSA means test only evaluates the individual’s total income and asset values.

Accordingly, applicants who have an income value equal to or below the required level are eligible to apply for and get the SASSA Social Grants.

Moreover, below given are the means test requirements and required income/asset value for each grant.

#1. Older persons, Disability, and War Veteran’s grant

  • Single applicants – Not more than R 92 520 a year
  • Married applicants – Not more than R185 040 a year (Combined Income)

#2. Child support grant

  • Single Parent – Not more than R57 600 a year
  • Married Couple Parent – Not more than R115 200 a year

#3. Care-dependency grant

  • Single Parent – Not more than R 238 800 a year
  • Married Couple Parent – Not more than R477 600 a year

#4. Foster Child Grant

  • Means Test is not conducted for Foster Child Grant

#5. R350 SRD Grant

  • Individuals with an income value of more than R624/month cannot apply for this grant.

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to apply for a SASSA SRD R350 grant, you can check our detailed article here.

What happens to my SASSA grant If I Have a Job?

If you have got a job after getting an SASSA grant, then your grant will be reassessed and the means test will be reapplied to your application.

However, it is mandatory to inform SASSA that you have got a job and your income value. For that, you will need to visit the SASSA office with all the required documents.

Final Note

Having a job does not disqualify anyone directly from getting an SASSA grant. Indeed, your income and asset value are more important to apply for your desired SASSA Social Grant.

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