How to Block SASSA Card If You Lost It?

Block SASSA Card: Have you lost your SASSA card? Seemingly, it has become common in this fast-paced world.

Indeed, most SASSA applicants lose their cards due to misplacement, theft, forgetting the place, or damage.

Apart from worrying, there are two important things to do if you lose your SASSA card.

Firstly, you have to report the issue to the SASSA office, and secondly, request them to block your card to avoid unauthorized transactions by strangers.

If that is what you are expecting, read below to find out how to block your SASSA Card if it is lost.

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How to Block SASSA Card?

Losing your SASSA card can really be stressful. However, concentrating on blocking the card will help you stop further transactions by strangers. Accordingly, you can block your SASSA card in two ways namely;

  • Using a Phone Call
  • By visiting the SASSA office

Although the card is blocked using either of the methods, the SASSA grant will still be deposited into your bank account.

However, no one can use your SASSA card to make unauthorized transactions. Indeed, you have to get a SASSA card replacement to proceed with your transactions.

Following is the step-by-step guide to block your SASSA card.

#1. Using a Phone Call to Block Your SASSA Card

The first method is to call the SASSA Call Center representative, inform the issue, and request them to block your SASSA card. Here is how you can do it.


Firstly, you have to contact the SASSA toll-free number 0800 60 10 11 and wait until the call is connected to a call center representative.


Once connected, inform the SASSA representative to block your SASSA card due to unauthorized transactions, theft, or loss. Make sure you have all the document proofs to submit.


You have to provide your SASSA ID number and mobile number to verify your identity.


The SASSA representative will take your complaint and block your SASSA card depending on the legibility of your query and documents.

#2. Blocking SASSA Card by Visiting the SASSA Office

The second possible method to block your SASSA card is by visiting the SASSA office. Read below to know more.


Firstly, you have to visit the SASSA office or the nearest South African Post Office.


Secondly, approach the designated SASSA representative or the customer care desk, inform your issue, and request them to block SASSA Card.


Following that, the representative may ask you for basic documents like your ID number, mobile number, ID proof, and relevant information regarding your lost SASSA card.


After verifying your documents, the SASSA officer will process your request and block your card to safeguard the funds in your account.


Furthermore, you can also seek the assistance of the SASSA officer to apply for a replacement SASSA card.

How Do I Change My SASSA Account Details?

You can change your SASSA account details directly on the official SASSA website. Yes, all you need to do is find the “Change banking details” option on the website and enter your ID number and Mobile number.

You will receive an SMS upon submitting the request. Furthermore, use the link in the SMS to change your SASSA banking details. You can also check our article for a detailed step-by-step guide.

Final Note

I hope you have a clear guide on how to block SASSA Card in case you lose it. Indeed, checking your SASSA account status regularly and having the habit of visiting the SASSA office to resolve your queries will help you monitor your account and get rid of such issues.

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