How to Buy Airtime With SASSA Card?

Airtime With SASSA Card: It is crucial for every SASSA applicant to have seamless airtime on their respective mobile phone.

What if I say that you can buy airtime effortlessly with your SASSA card? Yes, the advancement of technology has provided us with seamless mobile banking services.

As a result, it has become more effortless to load airtime using SASSA Card. However, you have to link your SASSA Card to your mobile wallet to proceed with the process.

Check out below to find the step-by-step guide to buy Airtime using SASSA Card.

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How to Buy Airtime With SASSA Card?

Here is the detailed step-by-step guide to but Airtime with SASSA Card. Proceed with the steps below to load airtime on your mobile without any hassle.

#1. Check Mobile Network Coverage

Before proceeding with the primary process, it is essential to ensure that your mobile has decent network coverage.

Indeed, you can confirm that by looking for network bars at the top corner of the mobile screen. Seemingly, good network coverage is required to access the mobile banking app and the airtime purchase.

If your mobile shows low to zero network bars, then you need to move to a place with good network coverage.

#2. Download Your Mobile Banking App

The second step is to download your bank’s official mobile app on your smartphone. Indeed, FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, and Capitec are some popular mobile banking apps in South Africa.

You can get your desired app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on the smartphone you use.

#3. Register and Login to the App

Once after downloading the banking app, you have to complete the registration process by providing your personal credentials.

Following that, log in to the app using your Username and Password. Indeed, you also have to enter your SASSA card details during this process.

#4. Link your SASSA Card to the Banking App

The next step is to link your SASSA card to your banking app. Navigate to the Home Screen of the app and look for the “Card Management” or “Linked Accounts” option.

Following that, you have to enter your SASSA card details like the Card Number, CVV Number, and Expiry Date.

Ensure that you accept the prompts that ask to link your SASSA card with your mobile wallet.

#5. Find Airtime Purchase Menu

Following the card linking process, you have to find the Airtime option on the banking app.

Although the menu layout differs on every banking app, you can find the respective option under either the Airtime option itself or the Recharge option.

Moreover, explore the available packages and find the right one for you.

#6. Select Your Package

The sixth step is to select the right package and complete the payment. Indeed, your package should not be below R10 and not a maximum of R500. Accordingly, you have to also ensure that your SASSA card has enough balance.

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#7. Confirm your Purchase

It’s time to confirm your Airtime purchase. Ensure that you have provided the correct mobile number and chosen the right package before proceeding further. If everything falls into the line, you can enter your banking PIN and purchase Airtime.

#8. Wait for Confirmation and Check your Airtime Balance

You will receive a confirmation message upon successful airtime recharge. However, you can check your Airtime balance manually by dialing *131# (Vodacom), *141# (MTN), *149# (Cell C), or *130# (Telkom).

Final Note

This is how you can load airtime using your SASSA card. As a result of using online mobile banking, you can eliminate the method of standing in a long queue to withdraw your amount in an ATM.

Indeed, adding Airtime recharge as ‘Favorites’ in your mobile banking app will give you quick access to every recharge.

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