SASSA Status Check Online – SRD R350 Application Status Check

Doing your SASSA Status check is no longer a hassle. Indeed, SASSA is one of the most used social security services by the people of South Africa.

The SASSA R350 Grant will allow unemployed individuals, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers to get payments for survival. Seemingly, you must be a South African citizen and should not have any income source to avail of this grant.

People who have already claimed the SRD R350 grant are wondering about the SASSA Status check. Concerning that, the below article will provide you with a detailed guide to checking the SRD R350 grant status check.

How to do an SASSA Status Check?

Every SASSA applicant will have a unique application ID and PIN that allows them to do SASSA Status check. Ensure that you have given error-free bank details and ID proofs to receive payments without any issues.

Moreover, the SASSA Payment dates are not fixed. As the payment date will be changing you have to check your account balance regularly. Indeed, there are four different methods to do SASSA Status Check. They are;

  • Online
  • WhatsApp
  • Moya App
  • Phone Call
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SASSA Status Check Online

It is one of the best and easiest ways to check SASSA status online via the ‘’ website. Read below for more details.


Initially, go to the ‘’ website using a browser on your mobile or laptop.


Enter your mobile number in the specified box and click the ‘Send SMS’ button.


Following that you will receive an OTP or SASSA Status PIN via SMS.


Enter the respective PIN on the box to check the SASSA Status.

If you find that your SASSA application has been declined due to issues with your bank details, then check this article to change your banking details on SASSA.

SASSA Status Check Via WhatsApp

You can use your WhatsApp to check the SASSA Status within a few minutes. Here is the complete guide to get your SASSA Account balance via WhatsApp.


The first step is to save this number “082 046 8553” as ‘SASSA Status Check’ to your contact list.


Secondly, open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and refresh the contacts.


Now, click the Create New Chat option and choose the SASSA Status Check number from the contacts.


Enter your name, surname, and South African ID number in the chat and send it.


Your SASSA Status and the account balance will be updated automatically in the chat.

What if you find that your SASSA application is declined due to unknown reasons? Well, you can know why your SASSA application is declined via this article

SRD Sassa Status Check on Moya App

Indeed, the Moya app is another easy option to check SASSA Status online. Seemingly, Moya is an official app for South Africa to connect with government services. Let’s get into the steps to check the Social Relief of Distress grant using the Moya app.


Initially, you have to install the Moya app on your smartphone from the dedicated app store.


Launch the installed Moya app and click the Discovery option.


Open the Application Status link and enter your SASSA ID number and Phone number.


Further, you will be redirected to a page where you check your SASSA Account status and balance.

It is common to notice the Application Pending status on the SASSA website. But it is also essential to know the exact reason. Check this article to find out why your SASSA Application is pending.

Check SRD R350 Grant Status Via Phone Call

The final method to check the SASSA Status is via Phone Call. This method will be very helpful for people who can’t access online services.


Firstly, go to the Phone dialer on your mobile.

Step 2:

Then, dial this respective number 080 060 1011.


Following that, tell your SASSA ID number to the customer support representative to get your SASSA Status update.

Do this guide if your SASSA status shows Application Assessed error.

Final Note

This is how you can check your SASSA Status check online and offline by using your smartphone. Indeed, having a valid South African ID and SASSA ID Number is mandatory to check your R350 Grant status without any issues.